BorgWarner S400SXE S488mm 88mm T6 Turbocharger

$ 1,309.99

BorgWarner S400SX Journal Bearing Turbocharger Upgraded with 88mm Compressor wheel

Compressor Specs:

-Compressor wheel inducer: 88mm

-Compressor inlet: 5.00″

-Compressor outlet: 4.21″

-Compressor housing comes with anti-surge

Turbine Specs:

-Turbine wheel exducer: 88mm

-Turbine Wheel Inducer: 96mm

-Turbine outlet: 5.75″ v-band downpipe

-Turbine Housing Inlet: T6 Divided

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TS-0401-1005 BLUE, TS-0401-1006 BLACK, TS-0401-1001 BLUE, TS-0401-1002 BLACK, TS-0401-1007 BLUE, TS-0401-1008 BLACK, TS-0401-1003 BLUE, TS-0401-1004 BLACK


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